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Hi! I'm Kayleigh from sussex

A little bit about Kayleigh Rogers

I like to visit inspiring places like galleries, castles and creative gardens. I like live music and I'm learning guitar at the moment. I love digital, but I try to get outside at the weekend. I live with my husband, Liam in the UK. We have an awesome life together, we're very lucky.

I'm growing my own vegetables, fruit and flowers this year. It's so much fun and its tasty too.

I'm very excited to be starting a blog in spring 2018. I'll turn this into a wordpress site and it will be quite a new adventure.

My work in digital

You can find a more detailed background on LinkedIn. Here is a summary of what I love to do:
  • Learn more about all things digital
  • Design excellent tracking solutions
  • Deliver awesome insight for customers and businesses to thrive
  • Optimise digital experiences
Where to find me (physically)

If you want to hang out in person. Here are a few likely locations:

Tracking on this site

I use Google Analytics to anonymously measure usage and engagement. How to prevent being tracked: